Carlow International English Language School Carlow

Welcome to CIELS website. Please enjoy learning about our courses and please contact us for further information if they meet your needs.

Why chose CIELS?

  • The longest established and most experienced English Language School in Carlow. The only English Language School in Carlow  founded and run by a fully qualified mainstream secondary school teacher, Dave Barron, with English being one of his specialist subjects.

  • CIELS enjoys Department of Education and Skills recognition through QQI / ACELS accreditation.

  • 40 years of academic leadership experience in Dave Barron (B.A., M.Ed., Dip.Ed.Management.)

  • In depth knowledge in host family accommodation that can only be acquired from experience through Catherine Barron (Accommodation & Family Liaison Officer).

  • Cambridge DELTA module 1 and 3 accredited experience through Director of Studies, Danny Barron (BBS, Cambridge DELTA modules 1&3).

  • State qualified teachers holding a Bachelors Degree, Higher Diploma and relevant ELT qualification.

  • Innovative, meaningful, interactive English language tuition focusing on spoken discourse through the Communicative Approach and Task Based Learning.

  • Quality, complete, packages that deliver everything they offer.

  • Professional tutors to provide cultural and recreational activities.

  • Personal attention to all visitors to ensure they are safe, happy and acquiring English language skills while enjoying Carlow and Ireland.

All content on this site is authentic. The photographs you see are of past students participating in school activities or tours.The information in the pages is accurate and true. This is line with our goal for the website: to give a clear and accurate presentation to prospective students, their parents, teachers and agents, of what CIELS delivers.

We are based in Carlow Town in the south east of Ireland and are the longest established English language school in the locality, having been in operation for 16 years now. Visit our 'About Carlow' page to discover this south eastern Irish town.

We have developed expertise in certain areas of English language teaching which has allowed us to specialise in providing five main courses:

  1. Summer School for juniors.
  2. Winter - Cultural Integration & Heritage with English programme for juniors.
  3. Winter - Work Experience with English programme for juniors.
  4. Internship with FETAC modules and English for young adults.
  5. English courses to meet the specific needs of individuals or small groups of all ages.

We offer Enlgish language classes based on communication. We want our visitors to practice and improve their English language skills based on meaningful communication while they are with us.

Our goal is to deliver what we promise. We want our visiting English language learners to return home with confidence in their English language skills and also with a truly unique cultural experience that they will have forever.

*CIELS is accredited by the Department of Education & Skills via QQI/ ACELS for the teaching of English as a junior school. Please enquire which programmes are accredited by contacting CIELS*