English Support for Teachers

English Language Support for Teachers

Online - CIELS provides tailored English Language Support and Guidance for Content Teachers who must deliver their classes and lectures through the English language.

Teacher Training


Develop your English language for teaching at a time that suits your busy teaching schedule.

  • Remote support through a combination of Teleconferencing + E-mail.
  • 3 X 30 minutes sessions per week.
  • Concrete learning outcomes directly applicable to the client's class and lecture delivery.
  • Tailored feedback directly linked to the individual client's teaching needs.

After an initial consultation to identify the client's needs, CIELS will develop a tailored programme consisting of the following components:

  • Review of class material + suggestions for language input.
  • Delivery of mock class or lecture + feedback.
  • Supporting documents to consolidate the client's understanding of relevant language.


Develop your English language for teaching in a way that respects your professionalism.

Our clients are fellow professional educators. Therefore, we treat them as peers. Our modules can be taken at times that fit into their busy teaching week. In addition, materials and content are relevant to the client's teaching, meaning learning outcomes can be immediately applied to their daily working life. Therefore, a small amount of time invested by the client results in an immediate  increase in their English language skills for delivering classes and lectures.


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