Case Study

Tim and Arjan came to Ireland on an internship programme to practice their ICT skills in an English speaking working environment. Both interns were well prepared for the work place tasks; the challenge was doing it through English. 

CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) Levels

Both interns were studying English Language generally at CEFR Level B1 in college in the Netherlands.

Needs Analysis

To discover what areas Tim and Arjan needed to improve their English language skills in a Needs Analysis was carried out. This is a question and answer session in a relaxed environement which seeks to discover:

  • Who the learner speaks English with.
  • How they use the English language.
  • What they speak about through the English language.
  • Learning styles - authoritarian/autonomoues.
  • Preferred activities and tasks.

Course Plan

Results of a Needs Analysis allowed for a Course Plan to be developed. Tim and Arjan were consulted and had an input into the Course Plan.

Tasks were used in the Course Plan -
Presentations - Both interns needed to deliver presentations through English for college in the Netherlands.
Interviews - Presentations usually allow for questions from the target audience. Interviews are a good way to develop coping strategies for fielding questions.
Debates/Negotiations - debates are a good way to develop skills to support your Presentation.

Hear what our past students had to say...


I really enjoyed my time in Ireland! The Blended Programme gave me good experiences, meeting new people, learning a new culture and language. I learned a lot at the Irish Wheelchair Association Carlow where I did my internship. I also learned a lot studying the Human Growth and Development and Work placement module. The time flew because we were having so much fun. I can't believe it's already over but I will never forget it. Blended Programme thanks for everything!


The Blended Programme was great! It was an amazing combination of the internship and college. I've learned so much at school about Human Growth and Development. My internship was great and all the Irish people are amazing! Sean, Danny and Claire helped us when we needed them, they were fantastic. Thanks for everything, this is an experience I will always remember.


My experience with the Erasmus+ Blended Programme is very positive. It gave me an opportunity to learn about Ireland, learn the English language but also I learned to be more independent. Supervisors from the Blended Programme, teachers from school and my colleagues from Hillview Nursing home helped me with everything. Blended Programme thanks for this amazing experience I will never forget it.